Pet Place in condominiums: find out how to set it up and the benefits!

Nowadays, construction companies can't just offer a condominium with conventional apartments, they need much more than that. That's why Pet Places in condominiums have come to the rescue!

With the "hustle and bustle" of contemporary life, not everyone is able to walk their pets every day. 

That's why it's necessary to look for more efficient and optimized ways for animals to spend all their energy. A great option for resolving this situation is the Pet Place in condominiums. 

Not every condominium has a Pet Place, as this idea is relatively new. However, it's a great option if you want to provide a complete structure for your residents. 

The more facilities you provide for the residents of your condominium, such as a pet place, gym, children's playground and others, the more valuable your structure becomes. 

To make the most of a condominium's structure, a Pet Place is the right choice - as it provides a number of benefits for both the owner and the residents. 

Against this backdrop, in this article we'll explain in detail what a Pet Place in a condominium is and how to set it up in the best possible way. 

What is a Pet Place in a condominium?

Although it is a subject that causes disagreements in condominiums, the presence of pets in condominiums is inevitable. Everyone needs a pet to live a healthier life. 

However, for a pet to live healthily in a condominium, it needs a space to expend its energy. 

The Pet Place does exactly that. The structure has a space where pets can run, play and expend their energy in any way they wish. 

Nowadays, there are Pet Places in simpler condominiums and others that are more structured, such as those made of wood. 

This type of structure is made up of various toys for pets to play with, such as: Ramp Up and Down, Balance Board, Tire Bounce, Jump, Obstacle Course, Seesaw and others. 

The interesting thing about the Pet Place in condominiums is that, depending on the structure, it can also be used for dog training. 

What are the advantages of a Pet Place in a condominium? 

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In addition to enhancing the value of the condominium, the Pet Place provides a number of benefits for residents and their pets. 

However, the structure is totally geared to the needs of pets. The characteristics of each can change depending on the investment. 

In other words, if you invest more in your Pet Place in a condominium, the more advantages it will provide for the animals. 

A Kaska has listed some of the main advantages that a Pet Place can bring to a condominium. Check them out below! 

Promotes well-being and improves your pet's behavior 

We all know that pets need space to spend their energy. However, in the apartment scenario, the situation can get a little difficult. 

This is because the space in the apartment alone is not enough for the animal to play and run around. It is therefore necessary to walk your pet outside, in the street or park. 

However, it's not always possible to give your pet all the attention it needs and take it outside to spend its energy. 

That's why the Pet Place in a condominium is perfect in these cases. Pet owners won't have to go far with their animals and can let them loose in the structure to play. 

As your pets will calm down and expend their energy at the Pet Place, they will consequently be more behaved on a daily basis. 

As mentioned above, depending on the structure of the Pet Place, it is also possible to tame the animal with the toys provided by the condominium. 

Promotes socialization with other pets and improves interaction with other residents 

The Pet Place in a condominium is not only beneficial for the animals, but also for their owners. 

As the structure is available to all pet owners in the condominium, the area will consequently be considered a meeting point for them. 

So, as well as being a place of entertainment for the animals, it will also be a place for residents to socialize. 

However, it's not just the residents who will be living with the same species. The animals will also be able to create connections with the other animals in the condominium. 

Therefore, the Pet Place in a condominium is a great opportunity for pets who like to socialize with the same species to make new friends. 

Convenience, security and cost savings 

One of the main advantages of setting up a Pet Pace in a condominium is the convenience you will be offering your residents. 

With the structure, they can manage their time better and, even with a busy routine, there will still be time to walk and play with their pets.

What's more, spending your pet's energy in Pet Places is much safer than doing the same thing outside. 

Inside the condominium, you and your pet will be safe and free from any danger. 

Instead of spending money on hotels, gasoline, toys and so on, pet owners will have what they need to use up their pets' energy and promote a better day for them. 

Therefore, as well as being convenient and safe, a Pet Place in a condominium is also economical, as pet owners can cut down on some of their pet's expenses. 

What equipment should you use to build your pet place in a condominium? 

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To create a quality Pet Place in a condominium, you need to choose the right equipment. 

If you choose low-quality toys and structures, chances are they will deteriorate over time. 

That's why we've selected some of the best toys that should be part of your Pet Place. 

Ramp up and down 

A Ramp up and down is a piece of equipment for Pet Places that consists of the dog going up one side and down the other.

It is recommended for both playing with and training animals. It's a perfect piece for your pet's play area. 

Balance board 

A Balance Board is a piece of equipment more geared towards training dogs, as the animal will need a little more skill to play.

It consists of a narrow wooden structure that stimulates the development of the animal's balance. 

Tire Jump

This is one of the classics for playing with animals, as it uses up a lot of energy. O Tire Bouncer is essential in a condominium Pet Place.

In general, the structure consists of a wooden arch that holds a tire with chains. In the game, the dog must jump between the gap in the rubber piece. 


Obstacles is the perfect piece of equipment to install in your pet's play area. In it, the animal practices the zig zag on 6 poles aligned on the floor. 

When playing, the dog is able to use up a lot of its energy and develop better focus.


Jumping is a very popular game among animal trainers. In general, the activity consists of the pet developing its jump. 

The structure allows the dog to practice jumping in 3 adjustable height options. In other words, the animal can start at the bottom and progress to other levels. 

Board seesaw 

Like the Balance Board, the Gangorra Prancha also consists of a narrow wooden structure. 

However, in this toy, there is a seesaw movement, where the dog has to go from one end to the other. 

It's similar to a conventional teeter-totter, but a little smaller - suited to the height of the animals. 


This is probably one of the toys that animals enjoy the most. In it, the dog has to go through a tunnel from one side to the other.

In this toy, depending on the size of the pet play area, it is possible to make a large circuit to enhance the pet's experience.

Why choose wooden equipment for your pet place? 

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All the equipment mentioned above is available in the Kaska catalog. Here, you'll find highly durable toys made from the best material - wood. 

Wood is one of the best materials for setting up a Pet Place in a condominium, as it provides durability, safety, sustainability and more. 

Setting up a structure in a condominium is a long-term investment, so the materials used in construction must be of high quality. 

Otherwise, all the investment you've put into the structure could go down the drain, as the equipment could break down with time and use. 

Therefore, if you want to build a highly durable Pet Place, the best material to choose is wood, as depending on the species, it can last up to 100 years. 

To build and set up your Pet Place in your condominium in the best possible way, you can count on Kaska. Here, we offer all the support you need to deliver a quality service. 

Come and check out the equipment available in our catalog so you can set up the best pet leisure area in your condominium! 


If you want to enhance your condominium and promote a quality life for your residents, Pet Place is the perfect option. 

However, to ensure the well-being of pets and residents, you must choose the right equipment. 

Therefore, before setting up your Pet Place, analyze the area where the structure will be installed. This will give you an idea of how much equipment you will need. 

Also, study how many pets there are in your condominium. That way, you'll know exactly which toys to buy. 

If you want to set up a quality Pet Place in a condominium, choose Kaska equipment. 

Here, all our products are made from 100% sustainable, highly durable wood. Come and see our catalog! 


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