Treated Eucalyptus is the result of a treatment process in which the wood is subjected to a vacuum-pressure process in industrial units called autoclaves. The preservative used is C.C.A. (Copper, Chromium and Arsenic) which penetrates the wood fibers coating them with Copper (fungicidal action), Chromium (fixative action) and Arsenic (insecticidal action), thus protecting it from fungi, insects (termites and borers) and even marine organisms. The treatment process meets all the specifications of the ABNT standards.

Treated wood is guaranteed for up to 15 years.

Products: Poles, posts, columns, beams, rafters, rods, etc...

Applications: Fences, houses, structures, sheds, toys, decks, greenhouses, sheds, arbors, furniture, structures, landscaping, pergolas, bridges, gates, posts, kiosks and roofs.

Available sizes:

  • 04/06cm
  • 06/08cm
  • 08/10cm
  • 10/13cm
  • 13/16cm
  • 16/20cm
  • 21/25cm
  • 25/30cm
  • Maximum length: 10.00 meters

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