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Wooden playground made from Treated Eucalyptusan environmentally friendly and highly durable wood. We strive for maximum excellence in our products, innovating and using the best raw materials, from certified suppliers, combined with the quality of the workmanship of our specialized team, in order to offer a high quality product with total safety for children to enjoy.

We develop children's playground projects, ideal for the leisure areas of condominiums, schools, hotels, guesthouses, farms, restaurants and even homes.

We manufacture exclusive children's playground models such as: Tarzan's House, Alpine Cabin, Swings, Gangways, Slides, Suspension Bridge, among others. See them all below.

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Which wood is used in the children's playground?

Today, Kaska uses only reforested pine and eucalyptus wood in its playground projects, which are treated in an autoclave, thus guaranteeing against termites and rot, and therefore a longer life for the wood, similar to hardwoods such as ipê and jatobá.

In addition, the wood used in the children's playground is chosen one by one for each use, receiving the necessary treatment and sanding to eliminate splinters and cracks, and finished with 3 coats of Triple Solar Filter Stain.

Which wood is best for a playground?

When talking about wooden playgrounds, it's important to take into account a very important detail for children's safety during play: the quality of the wood.

And one of the best woods for wooden playgrounds is Eucalyptus, the same wood used in Kaska's playground projects.

Reforested eucalyptus wood is essential for building wooden playgrounds, as it can withstand rain and wear and tear and is therefore more durable over time.

However, it is important that Eucalyptus is treated in an autoclave to increase its useful life and make it resistant to pests, borers, termites and other insects in general.

What is the purpose of playing in the playground?

Wooden playgrounds are ideal for promoting children's physical health, creativity and socialization. What's more, the wood of children's playgrounds offers a natural appeal that can't be replicated by other materials, such as metal or plastic.

And so it represents a great opportunity for children to explore their environment, while at the same time challenging them physically and mentally.

In a wooden playground, you can climb towers, cross rope bridges and navigate wooden slides.

The structure of a wooden playground can also include swings and other pieces that promote physical exercise and help children build strength, endurance, balance and coordination skills.

Another advantage of playing on a wooden playground is that it also encourages imaginative play and is the perfect setting for children to create stories with their friends.

This makes wooden playgrounds an ideal choice for any family that wants to promote the healthy development of their children.

Cities where the playgrounds will be installed:

Our factory is located in Campos do Jordão, SP. However, we are able to supply and install various wooden toys for children's playgrounds all over Brazil, working mainly in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Espírito Santo, Santa Catarina and Paraná.

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