Leisure area for a farm: find out how to build yours

If you own a farm, you've probably asked yourself "How can I make a leisure area for a farm?". 

A farm is a place that has plenty of space for creating a leisure area. For this reason, owners can "use and abuse" their creativity to create a great leisure area. 

However, with so much space, it can be a little difficult to use your creativity to create a leisure area that makes good use of the space. 

Ideally, the farm owner should complement their outdoor area with elements that blend in well with the space, such as a swimming pool, garden, playground and others. 

To stimulate your creativity, in this article Kaska will explain in detail how to set up a leisure area for a farm in the best possible way. 

Read on and find out which elements are ideal for your farmhouse leisure area! 

What is a leisure area?

A good leisure area is a dream for many people, as it's a private space where you can relax and enjoy your free time. 

For this reason, leisure areas are very common in condominiums and houses. They usually consist of elements for entertainment, such as a swimming pool, barbecue area, playground and more. 

Generally speaking, a leisure area is a space designed for relaxing and receiving relatives and friends. This space is usually set up outdoors and its characteristics can vary according to the project. 

Leisure areas can be designed and decorated in countless ways, according to the needs and tastes of those who live there or design them. 

What is a farm?

Now that you know what a leisure area is, it's time to find out what a farm is, as many people confuse them with farms and ranches. 

For a property to be considered a chácara, the space must have a minimum and maximum measurement. 

Therefore, the site must have a minimum of 2 hectares of land, or 20,000 square meters. It cannot exceed the value of 5 alqueires, considering that each alqueire is 2.42 hectares. 

What is a leisure area for a farm?

That's it! Now you know what a farm is. However, you may be wondering: "What is a leisure area for a farm?". 

It's not just condominiums and houses that have a leisure area; country estates can also enjoy leisure elements. 

The difference between a leisure area and a farm is that the owner has more space to set up a place with various elements, such as hammockswimming pool, garden, barbecue and more.

In other words, a leisure area for a farm is a structure where the owner, his family and friends can enjoy a large space with various leisure options, depending on the location. 

Leisure area for a farm: 7 tips on how to set one up! 

how to build a leisure area for a farm

You're now ready to set up your leisure area for a farm, since you have the concept down pat. 

As the farm has a very large space, it can sometimes be difficult to use so much creativity to set up a leisure area. 

However, by following the correct step-by-step instructions for setting up a leisure area for a farm, you'll be able to build a complete structure in your space. 

That's why Kaska has come up with some essential tips for you to set up your leisure area in the best possible way. Check them out below! 

1. Organize your finances

Without planning, no idea gets off the ground. In other words, if you don't organize yourself financially, it's going to be difficult to set up your farmhouse leisure area. 

That's why the first step you need to take before starting your farmhouse leisure area project is to organize yourself financially. 

So take a look at your income and find out how much you'll need to set up a complete structure. 

If you don't have enough money to set up a complete leisure area, put a little more money together or talk to your financial institution about arranging some kind of credit.

2. Make the most of your farm 

As I said earlier, a farm has a lot of space to let your imagination run wild. So it can be a little difficult to know how to make the most of the place. 

That's why, before you start designing your leisure area for a farm, study the space on your property and find the best place to put up your structure. 

This way, you'll be better able to know how to make the most of the space on your farm and can implement a barbecue, swimming pool, playground, garden and more. 

After carrying out this analysis, look for the ideal place for each element of the leisure area. For example, choose a place with plenty of greenery to put the garden. 

Or, see an ideal space to place the pool next to the barbecue or the pergolas in the living areaif the structure exists. 

3. Invest in a garden 

garden leisure area chácara

When we talk about a farm, we can't deny that the space is totally linked to nature - as the place usually has a lot of vegetation and greenery. 

It is therefore extremely important to take advantage of the green area to creating a garden. Even if it's small, a garden is the key to making the leisure area of a farmhouse complete.

It is possible to create different types of gardens, such as Mediterranean, rustic, classic and others. This is because the space of the farm allows creativity to flourish and great decorations to be made. 

You can install pergolas, shelves for pots and flowers, statues, benches, pieces of wood and much more! And build your own garden according to your taste. 

Meet the Wooden for gardens by Kaska! A great option for decorating and landscaping your farm!

4. Build a swimming pool 

It's inevitable not to think of a swimming pool when we talk about leisure areas. This element integrates perfectly with barbecues, gardens, hammocks and so on. 

Building a swimming pool is ideal for a farmhouse leisure area. This is because it is possible to build swimming pools of various shapes and sizes, due to the fact that the site provides plenty of space for creating projects. 

In addition, a swimming pool is the "wildcard" element for combining with different types of structures, especially barbecues. 

This way, you can provide great moments for your family and friends, having that famous "Sunday lunch" with a swimming pool and lots of relaxation. 

5. Include a playground for the kids 

Farm owners often have a large family with young children. That's why it's important not to forget the playground. 

The playground is nothing more than an area exclusively for children, where you can play with different types of toys, such as a slide, swing, seesaw and others. 

Since a farm has a lot of space, it is possible to set up a children's playground playground. This way, the little ones can call their friends over to play.

However, it is important to note that the playground must be made of a sturdy material, such as wood. 

Wood makes it safer for children to play and is also extremely resistant to high temperatures. In other words, you'll have a children's playground that can last for a long time. 

6. Don't forget the barbecue 

leisure area for a barbecue farm

A barbecue can't be missing from a farmhouse leisure area. This is a key element in creating a leisure space. 

Choose to place the barbecue next to the pool, so that people can move from one space to the other. 

If the structure of your house doesn't have room for a barbecue, you can opt for an extension with wooden pergolas. 

This way, you won't need to build another space with bricks and concrete and you'll only need wooden beams to make the barbecue extension. 

However, to carry out this type of extension, you need a specialized company such as Kaska. 

7. Design the room with wooden furniture! 

The farm is in direct contact with nature, since a large part of its space is made up of green areas. 

To make the farmhouse even more attractive, it's worth designing a room with wooden furniture. They will blend in completely with the aesthetics of the space. 

So if, in addition to the barbecue, garden and pool, you want to create another type of leisure area, it's worth opting for a living area. 

As the name implies, the living area is a dedicated space for people to talk and communicate with each other. 

That's why it's essential for this place to have furniture that encourages communication, such as tables and chairs. To make the room even more integrated into the space, opt for wooden furniture.

Count on Kaska! 

If you are looking for a company that will give you all the support you need to build your leisure area, you are in the right place. 

Kaska is a company that specializes in building leisure areas with wood. We use Treated Eucalyptushigh quality and resistant material to build playgrounds, leisure areas, wooden furniture and much more!

We have a team of qualified professionals who will give you all the support you need when setting up your leisure area. 

If you want to take the first step towards setting up your leisure area, you can count on Kaska. Contact us and get a quote for your project! 


The leisure area is a space that should be used to enjoy free time and de-stress. That's why you should have elements that make up the whole place.

In other words, there's no point in building a leisure area with low-quality structures in any way. You need specialized support to build your structure in the best possible way. 

That's why, before starting your farmhouse leisure area project, choose a company that will offer all the help you need to create a beautiful and cozy space, like Kaska. 

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