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Code: K-28

The simple h ammock is a piece of urban furniture for outdoor leisure areas. A hammock can be installed in this model.

Equipment measurements:

Recommended area for installation: 4.80 x 2.50m (W x D)
Equipment measurements: 3.30 x 0.20m (W x D)
Recommended age: 5+ years

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Product information

O Simple Simple wooden hammock is a piece of urban furniture for outdoor leisure areas. A hammock can be installed in this model.

We leave it ready with two reinforced hooks for a hammock (hammock not included).

The wood used in the Triple Bar receives all the necessary sanding treatment to eliminate splinters and cracks, and is finished with 3 coats of Triple Sunscreen Stain.


What kind of terrain can you install it on?
  • Natural grass / earth / sand, where the pillars are excavated and installed 60cm below ground level. Ideally reasonably flat, with little unevenness. See various conditions.
  • Sidewalk / Concrete Slab: Installation is not possible as we need 60cm of fixing below floor level.
  • Other types of flooring? Contact us, as it is necessary to analyze each case.

It is important to provide this information correctly when requesting a quote.


Which material is the playground made of?

At Kaska, we only use reforested pine and eucalyptus wood in our products, which are treated in an autoclave, thus guaranteeing against termites and rot, and therefore a longer life for the wood, resembling hardwoods such as ipê and jatobá.

What's more, the eucalyptus we use is differentiated, high-quality wood with FSC certification.

FSC is a forestry certification that guarantees that the wood used in a given product comes from a production process that has been managed in an ecologically appropriate, socially fair and economically viable way, and in compliance with all applicable laws.


See the full list of street furniture equipment we manufacture.


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