Recommended treatments for preserving wooden sleepers: find out how to look after them properly

If you have a garden or outdoor area at home with sleepers, you've probably asked yourself: "What to roast in wooden sleepers?".

They are elements made of wood that can be used for various purposes, such as building steps, retaining walls, trails and more. 

Wooden sleepers are pieces of railway track that are no longer used. They are then used for decorative purposes. 

With constant contact with the ground, the durability of wooden sleepers can be affected. It is therefore essential that the element undergoes regular maintenance. 

However, to prevent the dozer from wearing out over time, it's important to know which treatments are recommended to preserve it. KASKA has put together some essential tips for you! Shall we get to know them? 

What is a wooden sleeper?

The wooden dormer, also known as a wooden crosspiece, is used for various purposes such as decorating outdoor areas. 

However, its main purpose is to support railroad tracks. However, it can also be used to build stair treads, retaining walls and more. 

Sleepers are generally made from treated wood, which increases their strength and durability. 

Dormers are widely used in outdoor environments such as outdoor leisure areas and gardensas they are more resistant to direct contact with the ground.

That's why it's essential to take care to preserve these elements against external agents and ensure their longevity. 

There are various treatments available on the market that can help protect the wood and maintain its appearance and resistance. 

What wood is used to make sleepers?

Wooden sleepers can be made from different types of wood, depending on the region and local availability. 

However, some of the most commonly used woods for making wooden sleepers are treated eucalyptuseucalyptus, cumaru, ipê, jatobá and pine and itaúba.

However, it is worth pointing out that, regardless of the species chosen, it is essential that the wood is treated correctly to increase its durability and resistance. 

This is because the sleepers will be in direct contact with the ground or moisture, which can drastically affect their strength and durability. 

How long does a wooden sleeper last?

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The durability of a wooden sleeper can vary according to several factors, such as the species of wood used, the type of treatment and the environment. 

However, on average, this treated wood element can last 10 to 20 years or even longer under favorable conditions. 

If the sleeper is not treated properly or is in an environment that is too humid or exposed to bad weather, its durability can be drastically reduced. 

It is therefore essential that you choose the right wood for your space and ensure that the treatment is carried out correctly. 

By carrying out the correct procedures, you can extend the life of your dozer and ensure that it looks great for longer. 

How to increase the service life of wooden sleepers?

Many people who have sleepers in their outdoor areas or gardens find it difficult to maintain them properly.

As a result, wooden sleepers end up rotting and becoming unusable over time. However, there are ways to avoid situations like this. 

To ensure the durability and quality of your wooden sleepers, KASKA has come up with some tips on how to increase the lifespan of these elements. Shall we find out? 


Drying is a fundamental stage in the manufacture and treatment of wooden sleepers, helping to prevent rot and increase durability. 

Freshly cut wood contains a lot of moisture and is extremely vulnerable to insect and fungal attacks, as well as being more vulnerable to warping. 

Therefore, to avoid this type of problem, sleepers must undergo a natural or artificial drying process, which removes moisture from the wood and stabilizes it. 

Natural drying is done by exposing the wooden sleepers to the open air for a long period of time, usually six months to a year. 

Artificial drying is now carried out in kilns or ovens. However, regardless of the method used, drying is essential to prolong the item's useful life.

Applying Gang Nails

Have you ever heard of Gang Nails? This is a technique used in the manufacture of wooden sleepers that increases strength and durability. 

Special U-shaped stainless steel nails are fixed to both sides of the sleepers, creating a stronger connection between the wood fibers. 

The nails used in this technique have a greater holding capacity than conventional nails, allowing the sleepers to support more weight.

In addition, the application of Gang Nails also helps to prevent the sleepers from deforming and warping, increasing their useful life. 

This technique is widely used around the world, especially in sleepers that require high strength and stability, such as railway tracks, bridges and viaducts. 


Another method widely used to extend the lifespan of sleepers is autoclaving, which helps to significantly increase the lifespan of these elements. 

Autoclaving is a technique that is widely used to treat wood, as it can perform a complete treatment. 

During the process, the sleepers are placed in a special chamber and are subjected to high temperatures and pressure, helping the chemicals to penetrate. 

These chemicals are used to treat wood to make it more resistant to moisture and the proliferation of pests and fungi. 

Autoclaving can be used on a variety of wood species and is especially recommended for sleepers that will be used in humid environments.

What to do with wooden sleepers?

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But what should be done to wooden sleepers? There are various treatments that can be applied to sleepers to protect them against termites and other infestations. 

However, there are two types of dormer, those that are installed indoors and those that are placed outdoors, such as gardens and leisure areas.

The treatment of these sleepers can be slightly different, as one will be exposed to the weather and soil, while the other will be kept indoors. 

To help you know what to do with wooden sleepers, both indoors and outdoors, KASKA has provided some tips below. Check them out! 

Wooden sleepers indoors

When it comes to protecting wooden sleepers indoors, the main concern is usually the maintenance and preservation of the natural appearance. 

This is because the sleeper's role is decorative, so the most important thing is that it keeps its good looks for a long time. 

As it is not in direct contact with the ground, its treatment is a little different. Here's what to do with sleepers indoors: 

  • Natural oils and waxes; 
  • Varnishes and sealers;
  • Cleaning and polishing products; 

No matter which treatment you choose, they will all maintain the natural appearance of your wooden sleeper. 

So don't let your wooden sleeper wear out or rot, buy the right product for its treatment and start maintenance now. 

Wooden sleepers outdoors

Now, in order to protect wooden sleepers outdoors, they need a more resistant and durable treatment. 

This is because the element needs to be protected against exposure to the elements, humidity, sunlight and insects. 

As it is a more resistant treatment, the products you should use on your sleepers are different from those mentioned above. These include 

  • Oil-based products; 
  • Stains;
  • Sealers. 

For those who don't know, stains are a popular option for penetrating varnishes, which help protect wood from exposure to sunlight and moisture. 

Sealers, on the other hand, are a simple and economical alternative for protecting wooden sleepers outdoors. They create a protective layer on the surface of the wood. 

How can KASKA help you?

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If you want to decorate your interior or exterior with wooden sleepers, you need a company that supplies quality elements, such as KASKA. 

We can help you obtain high-quality wooden sleepers that meet your needs, since we specialize in the subject. 

KASKA offers sleepers with 3 to 4 good faces, eliminating the chances of delivering badly worn or damaged sleepers. In other words, you will receive durable and reliable products. 

To use sleepers in decorations, it is essential that you have quality wood and at KASKA you will find what you need. 

Our team can help you choose the best products to meet your specific needs. 

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So if you're looking for high-quality wooden sleepers and a reliable partner to help you on your journey, count on KASKA! 

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Now that you know what to do with wooden sleepers, it's time to give them the right treatment. Don't forget to maintain them regularly. 

The sleeper is an item that needs constant treatment, as it has direct contact with the ground, external agents such as insects and fungi, and humidity. 

To ensure it lasts and looks great, it needs to be constantly treated with quality chemicals. 

However, if you already want a quality sleeper that will last a long time, you can count on KASKA products.