Turn your simple farm into a leisure paradise: 7 tips to enhance your relaxation area

We know that decorating a leisure area on a simple site is not a simple task, as there are many ideas that can be applied to this space. 

However, there are essential tips for decorating and transforming a simple site into a leisure paradise. 

Having a well-structured and decorated leisure area, whether it's for enjoying a barbecue with friends, playing sports or relaxing, is essential for collecting special moments. 

Sometimes, you don't need much to make your leisure area look better - with simple and effective tips, you can completely transform your space. 

That's why, in this article, Kaska has put together some tips that will help you give a new face to your leisure area in a simple place. Shall we get to know them? 

What is a simple place? 

Many people confuse an estate with a farm, but the two have different concepts. 

The simple sítio is a rural property and is generally used for leisure and relaxation on weekends or holidays. 

In it, you can have a modest house, space for planting, as well as a leisure area with a swimming pool, barbecue area, soccer pitch and more. 

Simple ranches are smaller than farms and have a more basic infrastructure. A chácaras, on the other hand, is also a rural property, but of medium to large size. 

Here you can be more creative, as the space is much larger. It has a more complete infrastructure, usually with a larger, more sophisticated house. 

The difference between the two lies in their purpose. While a ranch is a space created for leisure and relaxation, a farm is more geared towards rural production. 

However, there's nothing to stop these roles being reversed. Some people use the chácara as a living space and the sítio as a more rural place. 

Leisure area on a simple site: 7 inspirations to enhance your space!

simple country leisure area: inspirations

The choice of design for the leisure area on a simple site will depend on the personal preferences of the owner of the space. 

There are people who like a more rustic style, others who prefer something more minimalist and others who don't know which concept to apply to the space. 

If the latter is your case, the best option is to stick to the basics: something more sophisticated, with wooden structures and a great living area. 

To choose your own personal style, you can follow the 7 tips we've put together for decorating a leisure area on a simple site. See below! 

A cozy balcony to relax on

The veranda is a great space that can add value to a simple site, and is ideal for enjoying the natural landscape. 

With a few decorating techniques, you can turn your balcony into a cozy and inviting place to relax. 

For example, if the simple site has a lot of outdoor space, you could create a seating area with a wooden deck or pergola. 

These two elements are great for creating relaxing living spaces. Because they are made of wood, they create a more natural, rustic and welcoming atmosphere. 

It's also a great way to make the most of the space available on the site. In these structures, you can create various spaces, such as gardens, a hammock, a barbecue area and more.

Invest in a rustic and cozy style: lots of comfort and refinement with wooden furniture

Investing in a rustic and cozy style is a great way to enhance your leisure area on a simple site. 

That's because this is the perfect type of decoration to create a cozy, natural and welcoming atmosphere. 

Wooden furniture is perfect for rustic decor, as it brings a feeling of warmth and comfort, as well as blending in perfectly with the natural surroundings. 

In addition, they offer excellent durability and resistance, making them perfect for an outdoor environment. 

To create a rustic and welcoming atmosphere, you don't have to buy top-of-the-range furniture. You can opt for the most basic items, such as tables, benches, chairs and so on. 

Gourmet area in a barbecue area

gourmet area in leisure area in simple estate

Another great option for making the most of your leisure area on a simple site is a gourmet area with a barbecue. 

"But what would a gourmet area be?". A gourmet area is a space where site owners can gather friends and family for food and drink events. 

For example, the owner of the site could create a gourmet area for barbecues with family and friends. 

However, in a gourmet area you can also have great lunches, where everyone can help prepare the food and enjoy the moment together. 

To add even more to the space, you can invest in differentiated and functional decoration, with worktops, cupboards and sinks. 

Swimming pool area for sports and relaxation 

Since we're talking about a leisure area on a site, we can't forget the main attraction: the swimming pool. 

The swimming pool is almost an essential element of a site's leisure area, as it can be used for fun or even sport. 

As well as being a great way to cool off on hot days, the pool offers a range of physical activities and moments of leisure. 

If you just want to relax, all you have to do is install the pool, have a great barbecue and call your friends. 

However, if you also want to practice physical activities, you can install equipment such as volleyball nets, basketball hoops or swimming buoys. 

Invest in flowers and plants to bring charm to your garden

We mustn't forget that the site is also a natural place, so it's essential that the owner develops a garden with flowers and plants. 

In addition to beautifying the space, they can also bring numerous benefits to the health and well-being of the residents. 

A great option for decorating your country garden is to choose plants that bloom at different times of the year, ensuring a diverse and colorful space. 

Also, opt for plants that don't need constant maintenance, such as succulents and cacti, which are ideal for those who don't have much time or skill. 

With a well-decorated garden and various plant species, you can make your site even more charming and cozy for you and your visitors. 

A garden contributes to an atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxation, allowing residents to enjoy special moments.

Dedicate a space for children's entertainment

children's playground in leisure area on simple estate

If you have a family with children, you should certainly think about how to dedicate your space to entertaining them. 

After all, a cozy and safe environment for outdoor play is a great incentive for children to have fun and explore the space. 

A great option for this is to install toys that develop children's skills, both cognitive and physical. 

In this case, the ideal toys to install in the leisure area on a simple site are the classic children's toys, such as seesaws, sand playgrounds, swingand spinners, among others. 

But if you're looking for a complete toy that will stimulate your little one in different ways, the best option is the Tarzan House. 

The Tarzan House is a more than complete toy, with various structures for children to play with and let their imagination run wild. 

You'll find all the children's classics, Tarzan's House and much more on the Kaska website. We have lots of products for you to decorate your leisure area and create a magical atmosphere!

Last but not least: make the most of the space on your site!

Last but not least, it is essential that you know how to make the most of all the space available on your site to create a cozy and pleasant leisure area. 

So a great tip is to plan the space well before starting any kind of project. You need to think about the arrangement of furniture, lighting, green areas, etc. 

In addition, it is very important to know the materials that will be used in the decoration, as the leisure area is often exposed to the sun, rain and strong winds. 

In fact, don't forget to choose a project that will turn your leisure area on a simple site into a functional and practical place. 

With simple and practical tips, you can make the most of the space available on your site and create an incredible leisure area for unforgettable and special moments. 

However, in order to create a cozy and practical environment, you need a company with the best products and services, such as Kaska. 

We are a company with expertise in decorating outdoor areas and we offer a wide variety of products to make your space cozy and special. 

So, come and see Kaska's services and products and give your leisure area a charming, cozy and sophisticated decoration! 


The leisure area on a simple site is a space where you can unleash your imagination and create different environments with different concepts. 

It's a space where you can enjoy pleasant moments with friends and family, whether relaxing by the pool, preparing a barbecue in the gourmet area, or even enjoying a soccer match. 

And to ensure that your leisure area is even more complete and beautiful, Kaska offers various products and services for decorating your space. 

Here, you'll find a variety of wooden structures to give your leisure area that missing touch. Check out the Kaska catalog!